Upcoming shows

Nov 16: Mala Soba// Folk Chansons: at Café Lassa, Thurngasse 19, 1090 Wien. 8:30pm.

Nov 30: Schottenfest // Ruby Lissi. Time tba.

Past Gigs 2019

Oct 31: Francis Vienna. Show with Dylan Goff

Sep 12: Mark Salzburg, tba

Sep 14: Stagebar Salzburg, 8pm

Aug 9: Sofar Sounds Linz

Aug 25: Wir am Bahnhof, 1pm. BRALITZ (Landkreis Barnim)

Sunday, June 9: Zollergasse Straßenfest 18:45-19:45. WIEN

Saturday, June 8: Kulturraum Neruda, 8:30pm. WIEN

May 18: Stagebar Salzburg, 8pm. SALZBURG

May 11: Infocenter U Volkstheater, 9:30pm. WIEN. Charity event für Neunerhaus.

May 8, with Clara Anna Altmann & Claudia Heidegger, PopUp Street 6:30pm. WIEN

May 3, Grind, with Dylan Goff & Even if… 9pm. WIEN

Apr 26: Local Heroes (Rockhouse Salzburg) 8pm, SALZBURG

(c) Nico Peischl & Daniel Weisz
(c) Nico Peischl & Daniel Weisz

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